#1 National Executive Team in BeautiControl

BeautiControl is a company owned by Tupperware. Michelle Jones is a National Executive Director with BeautiControl and named the top of the top for BeautiControl

Spa Fairies - #1 National Executive Team in BeautiControl

BeautiControl Training: Recorded Calls

BeautiControl Training:  How to listen to recorded calls.

0488f36There’s a saying in our industry that 90% of success is just showing up.  Yet there is this thing called “LIFE” and you can’t always show up.  BeautiControl Training is crucial to your success.  BeautiControl National Director Michelle Jones wants to make sure that if you can’t make live training that you still have access.

BeautiControl’s #1 Director Bethany Siegenthaler shows you exactly how to go and listen to recorded calls in the team archive.

Your friend and National Director,

Michelle Jones BeautiControl





BeautiControl - MichelleAJones

BeautiControl Training: How To Enter Spa’s Online

BeautiControl Training:  How to put your spa online.  BeautiControl Director Bethany Siegenthaler shows you how to put your import spas online so you can earn gifts.  Enjoy this BeautiControl Training and please comment if this video helped you understand the process.  Please feel free to share.


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BeautiControl - MichelleAJones

BeautiControl Gives Away Free Tupperware


BeautiControl is all about family, so in honor of BeautiControl’s President Nikola Milivojevic first anniversary with BeautiControl, the Tupperware Brands family would like to give a special gift to BeautiControl Consultants and above who help our family expand even more from November 1-17.

Take a few simple actions and you’ll receive a premium Tupperware stainless steel griddle with advanced non-stick coating- valued at $219- that’s sure to get your loved ones gathered  around the kitchen table, quick.

Listen to BeautiControl’s top consultants Michelle Jones and Bethany Siegenthaler share why they are so excited.

Thank you for checking us out, please comment and share.

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BeautiControl Holiday Brochure

beauticontrolHey BeautiControl consultants I do not think you ALL realize this – watch me by November 7, 2014! Best offers for you BeautiControl!  Make sure you always check your BeautiControl Achiever to stay up to day and hear about the latest, greatest news from BeautiControl.

beauticontrol - michelle a jones

Be great,

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BeautiControl: Holiday Tips – Michelle Jones

beauticontrol - Michelle JonesHey BeautiControl members.  I wanted to share two tips I’ve found that make your BeautiControl holiday open house super successful.  The first tip is an absolute MUST!  I mean you can not have a successful BeautiControl Open House without it.  

The second tip for your BeautiControl Holiday open house will make it more fun than you can imagine.  I promise if you take these two tips, put them into action NOW you’ll have the best ever BeautiControl open houses. 

Please share your success stories, comment on this post and share with your teams.  I love to read your comments!  Watch the video below to watch what I do at my BeautiControl open houses.

Have a super successful BeautiControl holiday season and I’ll see you in New Orleans.  

Your friend,




Find You!

What an incredible Celebration!  Our world took so many #1’s that people don’t even know how to respond.  We need your help.  Find you, your team or someone on our team in this video and comment.  That way Brian can cut it up so people have special moments of themselves.

BeautiControl & Spafairies are going to be happy in Paris!

Ever want to go to Paris…no not Paris, TN…FRANCE! Picture yourself earning a all expenses paid trip to Paris, France. How would that feel? Who would you take with you? Our company BeautiControl is allowing you to not only go to Paris but have the opportunity to earn not 1, but two cars, make an extra few hundred dollars per week all doing it part time. Yes you read that correctly…Part time! If you want to learn more click here to talk to someone that will help you achieve these great things. Don’t believe it click here anyways because you have nothing to lose.

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